Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thanks for taking time to read our story. I’d like to introduce you to Daisy, the victim of a senseless and horrific crime. Daisy is a disabled dog with IVDD -- a spinal disease that has left her paralyzed for the past ten years. Despite her condition, she’s a sweet girl who never hurt a fly and who loves to play and snuggle. On February 27, 2014, In an attempt to get revenge on his mother, Daisy's caretaker's adult son brutally attacked the defenseless dog and stabbed her in the head and face 4 times. Daisy suffered severe lacerations to her head and face. Her skin had to be put back together with staples. She has trauma to her right eye and her jaw is fractured in multiple places. Her wounds were left unattended for nearly a week and she was caked with blood and in serious pain when her new caretaker found her. On top of that, her old caretaker was neglecting Daisy’s IVDD and so she is suffering from a painful and serious bladder infection. Daisy is currently in a safe home and her new caretaker is working with law enforcement and vet staff to make sure her abusers are punished and made to pay for their brutal and senseless crimes. She's on the mend, but she has a long, long recovery ahead of her and many more vet visits and painful, expensive procedures. Daisy’s new family cannot believe that someone could treat an animal so cruelly. They’re on a mission to make sure her abusers are brought to justice and they’re asking for your help! They’d love for you to contact the Ashtabula County Prosecuter’s Office to demand that the man who stabbed Daisy gets the maximum punishment and that charges be brought against the woman who let Daisy suffer without proper care. They’re also collecting donations. The money you give will go to Daisy's legal and medical bills. If there's any left over or if her abuser is made to reimburse her new caretaker for medical expenses, the extra money will go toward establishing a fund (The Justice for Daisy Fund!) to help pay the vet and legal costs of abused animals in the area and toward rescues for dogs that suffer from IVDD. Her family also hopes this story will spread awareness about animal cruelty. For more information on Daisy, her medical struggles or her legal struggles, check out the following links: